Hail Modification in the Republic of Moldova

E. I. Potapov, G. S. Burundukov, I. A. Garaba, and V. I. Petrov

The weather modification technologies designed to mitigate hail damage for economic and social objects become more and more demanded, despite ambiguous estimates of their results and thus expediency of their practical use [15, 17]. In this connection, results of antihail work in the areas where this activity lasts for many years are of direct scientific and practical interest. The Republic of Moldova is a good example of such an area. Antihail shield, based on the rocket technology of reagent injection into the cloud, has been under operation for more than 40 years. In the paper, the conceptual basis of hail-dangerous Cb cloud modification technique are presented along with some data on modification results during the last 10 years; an optimistic estimate of the antihail shield efficiency in the country is obtained.

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