The Kolyma River Mouth Area under Present Conditions of Anthropogenic Impact

A. M. Nikanorov, V. A. Bryzgalo, L. S. Kosmenko, and O. S. Reshetnyak

The variability is under consideration of the hydrological and ecological state of the water environment of the Kolyma River mouth area. Its hydrological regime and variability of the component composition of the water environment are described. The anthropogenic load is estimated of the inflow of dissolved chemical substances to the Kolyma River mouth area. The hydrobiocenosis structure is studied from qualitative and quantitative indicators of the level of the phyto- and zooplankton development in the mouth area. The hydrobiocenosis state and structure indicate that the ecosystem of the Kolyma River mouth area is functioning under conditions of moderate pollution of the water environment and the depression effect of the biocenosis development is periodically pronounced.

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