Synoptic Fluctuations of Wind Speed in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer

V. P. Yushkov

It is proposed to change the tradition of the climatological description of wind regime of the territory on the basis of the results of long-term continuous observations of the wind speed in the atmospheric boundary layer. Instead of the traditional construction of the wind rose and empirical function of distribution of absolute wind speed values, it is proposed to use the statistical characteristics of wind speed component distribution. Following the results of long-term continuous measurements, an adequacy and accuracy of two-moment approximation sufficient for practical applications are demonstrated. It is shown that the first two moments of the synoptic variability of wind speed enable to compute not only the vertical distribution of the mean value of wind speed and wind rose at different heights but the frequency of different speeds (distribution function) as well. Presented are some statistical characteristics of the synoptic variability of wind speed in the air basin of Moscow based on the data of long-term observations.

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