Air Temperature Anomalies of Summer 2010 Measured at the High-Altitude Meteorological Mast in Obninsk

M. A. Novitskii, L. K. Kulizhnikova, M. K. Matskevich, and N. F. Mazurin

Presented are the results of measurements of air temperature, wind direction, and relative humidity of the air at the high-altitude meteorological mast in the town of Obninsk. The measurements were carried out in the period of hot weather in July–August 2010 near the Earth’s surface, as well as at the heights of 121 and 301 m. The wind roses and maximum daily temperatures are compared with the similar climatic characteristics obtained for the period of 1970–2009. It is shown that the period from July 15 to August 18, 2010 was abnormal both in the air temperature characteristics and in the distribution of wind direction at all mentioned heights.

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