The System for Computing Snow Cover Parametersfor Forming Initial Fields for Numerical WeatherPrediction Based on the COSMO-Ru Model

E. V. Kazakova, M. M. Chumakov, and I. A. Rozinkina

Given is a brief description of the computer technology for forming the initial fields of snow water equivalent and snow cover density for atmospheric models. Described are the results of its operation. The technology is based on the daily computations of accumulated water and varying snow density using the proposed one-dimensional multilayer model of snow. The model uses standard measurements at weather stations as input data. The results of computations at the stations are coupled with the background fields from the COSMO-Ru system of hydrodynamic mesoscale modeling and with satellite data on the position of the snow line. Demonstrated is the efficiency of using the proposed algorithms for the COSMO-Ru mesoscale model that, first of all, affects the accuracy of air temperature forecasting in the rather wide (more than 100 km) zone close to the snow line and also makes it possible to obtain the daily advisory estimates of snow water equivalent.

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