Monitoring Extreme Water Factors and Studyingthe Anthropogenic Load of Industrial Objectson Water Quality in the Zeravshan River Basin

P. I. Normatov, R. Armstrong, I. Sh. Normatov,and N. Narzulloev

Presented are the results of studying the dynamics of changes in the chemical composition of water from the formation zone to the estuary of the Zeravshan River; also the effects are investigated of the sewage of the Anzob ore mining and processing enterprise on the water quality. It is revealed that the concentration of heavy metals in the river water is far from the maximum permissible concentration, i.e., the ore mining and processing enterprise does not affect water composition variations. It is disco- vered that in the river lower reaches on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan the river water is mainly contaminated with drain-collector and municipal waste water. The chemical analysis revealed the presence of cations and anions in the seasonal snow on the glaciers of volcanic origin in the Zeravshan River basin. According to the observational data for the period of 1998–2012, severe floods occur and mudflows causing the appreciable economic damage are formed in Panjakent and Ayni mountain areas in the Zeravshan River basin.

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