Sochi-2014 Integrated Environmental Monitoring System

S. A. Sarychev, L. I. Dudina, M. A. Zapevalov, V. S. Kosykh, D. R. Nechaev, N. N. Poletaeva, I. V. Semenova, and A. L. Lyubimtsev

Described is the integrated environmental monitoring system (IEMS) intended for monitoring the Sochi National Park and adjacent areas. Its operation before, during, and after the Sochi-2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games is analyzed. The IEMS elements cover the major abiotic components of the environment in the coastal and mountain clusters of the Olympic village: air, surface water, sea water, soil, and biota in the Sochi National Park. The continuous operation of IEMS made possible the operational assessment of the current environmental conditions in the areas of public events, to observe their actual variations, to study the dynamics of the spatial and temporal propagation of the analyzed components, to identify the most probable sources of pollution, and to predict the development of the situation using meteorological data.

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