Assessment of Microclimatic Conditions in the Krasnaya Polyana Mountain Clusterfor Providing the Olympic Venues with Detailed Weather and Climate Information

G. B. Pigol’tsina and N. A. Zinov’eva

Carried out is the detailed quantitative estimation of the spatial variability of major climate elements in the mountain cluster of the Sochi-2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games taking into account the results of the climatic processing of meteorological observations in the area of sport venues in 2009–2014. The regularity in the microclimatic variability of climate parameters in the mountain terrain is revealed and their binding to the standard observational data of weather stations is carried out. Worked out is the method of computation of air temperature, wind speed, and snow cover characteristics at different altitudes above the sea level on the northern slope of the Aibga Ridge for any year using the data of observations or forecasts of weather stations.

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