Catastrophic Flood on the Amur River in Summer 2013: Features and Causes

E. M. Verbitskaya, S. V. Ageeva, I. O. Dugina, I. M. Dunaeva, N. F. Efremova, S. O. Romanskii, and V. V. Tarasyuk

Described is the extreme rainfall flood on the Amur River in summer 2013 that was catastrophic in its middle and lower reaches. The durable high-rate rainfalls which were registered on the whole territory of the Amur River catchment for two months lead to extreme flood. The rainfalls were caused by the certain type of atmospheric circulation where the pressure ridge prevailed over the Northwest Pacific and Sea of Okhotsk and during two months of summer 2013 humid tropical air flew to the mid-latitudes to the zone of the polar front action.

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