Estimation of Aerosol Radiation Effects under Background and Smoke-haze Atmospheric Conditions over Siberia from Empirical Data

M. V. Panchenko, T. B. Zhuravleva, V. S. Kozlov, I. M. Nasrtdinov,V. V. Pol’kin, S. A. Terpugova, and D. G. Chernov

The results of numerical simulation of downward solar radiation fluxes for background and smoke-contaminated atmospheric conditions are discussed. Vertical profiles of aerosol characteristics are obtained from the empirical model based on the data of aircraft sounding of profiles of angular scattering coefficients and content of absorbing particles in the lower troposphere. The background model was created using the results of measurements obtained under cloudless and mostly cloudless atmospheric conditions in 1999–2011. Optical parameters of smoke aerosol are determined from the data of aircraft measurements in the period of long-term wildfires in Siberia in the summer 2012. It is de- monstrated that deficiency in diurnal values of total solar radiation at the surface level caused by the for- mation of the optically dense smoke layer as compared to background conditions, is more than 13 MJ/m2.

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