Field Experiments and Numerical Modeling of Wind Speed and Surface Wavesin Medium-size Inland Reservoirs

A. M. Kuznetsova, G. A. Baidakov, V. V. Papko, A. A. Kandaurov, M. I. Vdovin, D. A. Sergeev, and Yu. I. Troitskaya

An attempt is made to apply the modern methods of surface wave simulation developed for oceanic conditions to the modeling of waves in medium-size inland reservoirs (10–100 km). The results of field measurements of wind speed and waves are described, and on their basis the parameterization CD(U10) is proposed. WAVEWATCH III spectral wave model was adapted to the conditions of a medium-size inland reservoir. The simulated data are compared with the field data. The use of the new parameterization CD(U10) allowed reducing the values of the wind wave growth rate that improved consistency in data from the field experiment and numerical modeling concerning the height of significant waves. Further steps towards improving the quality of prediction of the adapted WAVEWATCH III model are discussed.

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