Reconstruction of Climate of the Eemian Interglacial Using an Earth System Model.
Part 2. The Response of the Greenland Ice Sheet to Climate Change

O. O. Rybak, E. M. Volodin, and P. A. Morozova

In the framework of the study of the Eemian interglacial we consider the role of the Green- land ice sheet in the rise of the mean level of the World Ocean. Its contribution estimated as 2 m con- firms the newest estimates based on the model results and on the proxy data analysis. In the beginning of the Eemian interglacial (earlier than 126 thousand years ago) mass lost occurs through the marine margin of the sheet. During the next five millennia, the negative surface mass balance plays the leading role. Taking into account the contribution of Greenland ice sheet, ocean thermal expansion, and the melting of mountain glaciers and ice caps, it is very probable that the West Antarctic ice sheet was the main source of the global sea level growth equal to 6–9 m the compared to the present.

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