Satellite Monitoring of Sea Ice Cover and Water Parameters for the Caspian Sea

V. V. Asmus, E. V. Vasilenko, V. V. Zatyagalova, N. P. Ivanova,
V. A. Krovotyntsev, A. A. Maksimov, and I. S. Trenina

A number of technologies have been developed in the Planeta Research Center for Space Hydrometeorology to provide the satellite monitoring of sea ice cover and water parameters for the Caspian Sea. These technologies produce maps of sea ice, sea ice drift, tracking of near-surface water fluxes, automated classification of ice and water objects, surface wind, and sea surface temperature. Satellite-based products are used for operational hydrometeorology and climate studies of the Caspian Sea environment. A specialized web service for the preparation and comprehensive analysis of satellite data on hydrometeorological and ice conditions in the Caspian Sea was developed to provide information on ice cover characteristics, surface wind, and sea surface temperature.

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