Multiscale Global Atmosphere Model SL-AV: the Results of Medium-range Weather Forecasts

M. A. Tolstykh, R. Yu. Fadeev, V. V. Shashkin, G. S. Goyman,
R. B. Zaripov, D. B. Kiktev, S. V. Makhnorylova, V. G. Mizyak,
and V. S. Rogutov

Development of the multiscale version of the global atmosphere model SL-AV required many improvements in the dynamical core, replacement or refinement of parameterization algorithms and complex tuning of the model. These modifications were initially tested with the experiments on modern climate simulation and then incorporated into the model configuration for medium-range numerical weather prediction. The impact of these model improvements on forecast quality is studied in this paper. The increase in accuracy of model climate characteristics has led to the reduction of forecast errors. The comparison of quality for numerical forecasts starting from the initial data of Hydrometcenter of Russia and ECMWF is carried out. The effect of replacing the initial data turned out to be comparable to the effect of multi-year works on model development. This shows the importance and necessity of development and improvement of the Hydrometcenter of Russia data assimilation system.

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