Features of Seasonal Variability of Tidal Sea-level Oscillations in the Russian Arctic Seas

M. E. Kulikov, I. P. Medvedev, and A. T. Kondrin

Tides play an important role in the mesoscale sea level variability in the Arctic seas. A distinctive feature of tides in this region is the seasonal variability of harmonic constants, which is caused by changes in hydrometeorological conditions during a year. Based on the analysis of long-term hourly sea-level observations in the White, Chukchi, and Laptev seas, the seasonal variability of the main tidal harmonic constants and some nonharmonic tidal characteristics are studied. The use of multiyear observation series allowed calculating the mean amplitudes and phases of tidal harmonics in certain months with high precision and estimating their interannual variability. Significant differences are also found in the pattern and magnitude of seasonal variability both between stations and between the White Sea and the Eastern Arctic.

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