Validation of Chemistry Transport Model of the Lower Atmosphere in the Central European Region of Russia Using Ground-based and Satellite Measurement Data

I. B. Konovalov, N. F. Elanskii, A. M. Zvyagintsev, I. B. Belikov, and M. Beekmann

A modern three-dimensional chemistry transport model is adopted for computation of air pollution with photo-oxidants in the Moscow megalopolis and in the several neighboring regions. Along the vertical, the model covers the entire troposphere and has a two-scale horizontal structure, when the resolution of the “inserted” domain is about 13 km. The model computation results are compared with the satellite tropospheric nitrogen dioxide measurements and ground-based measurements of the surface ozone concentration. The analysis results of one of the episodes of enhanced ozone content is considered as an example of a possible use of the model considered as a diagnostic tool for studying issues connected with the air pollution in the region under consideration.

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