Estimation of Seasonal and Long-term Variability of Oceanological Conditions in the Bering Strait

S. I. Mastryukov

Carried out is analysis of variations of temperature, salinity, and currents in the Bering Strait area based on the data of American and Russian-American studies of the Bering Strait during the period from 1992 to 2010. Major attention is paid to the analysis of the long-term variability of water dynamics using the data of observations at the autonomous buoy stations in the Russian and American parts of the Bering Strait. Revealed are the trends towards the increase in the velocity of the Pacific water transport to the Chukchi Sea and Arctic Ocean, as well as the absence of the significant trend towards the changes in the temperature and salinity of deep waters in the Bering Strait. Estimated is the seasonal variability of hydrophysical conditions.

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