The Comparison of Atmospheric Instability IndicesRetrieved from the Data of Radio Soundingand MODIS Spectroradiometeron Thunderstorm Days over West Siberia

V. P. Gorbatenko, S. Yu. Krechetova, M. Yu. Belikova, and O. E. Nechepurenko

Considered is the possibility of using the MODIS spectroradiometer database for the determination of the level of atmospheric instability for thunderstorm forecasting over West Siberia. Three indices computed from the data of the satellite and radiosondes are compared as instability characteristics: LIFT, TOTL, and KIND. It is revealed that two indices correlate well, namely, LIFT and TOTL. It is demonstrated that the results of MODIS sounding enable identifying the spatial position of deep convective cells and specifying the thunderstorm forecast.

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