Air Pollution Assessment in the Area of Aluminum Production by Snow Geochemical Survey

L. M. Filimonova, A. V. Parshin, and V. A. Bychinskii

Investigated is the chemical composition of snow cover in Shelekhovskii region of the Irkutsk oblast close to the Irkutsk Aluminum Smelter. Identified are primary pollutants induced as a result of aluminum production as well as their dispersion halos. Computed are total pollution indices and pollution load. The zones of environmental and geochemical risk are singled out by geomapping. Carried out is the comparative analysis of the levels of content of the separated association of elements in the zone of the maximum risk and in the background snow cover. Proposed are the integrated indices of geoecological conditions being convenient for providing routine observations using the geoinfor- mation systems.

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