Simulation of the Probable Maximum Flood in the Area of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant with Account of Wind Waves

A. A. Apukhtin, G. N. Bessan, S. M. Gordeeva, M. K. Klevannaya,

and K. A. Klevannyy

At the designing of nuclear power facilities at the coastal sites the risk of their flooding caused by the combinations of adverse hydrometeorological events should be assessed with the probability of exceedance to 0.01%. According to the IAEA recommendations, the combination of statistical and deterministic methods was used to calculate the flood level of such rare occurrence. The level of flooding caused by the storm surge and related wind waves were computed with the probability of 0.01% for the coastal part of the Koporye Bay of the Gulf of Finland in the area of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant 2 (LNPP 2) construction; the results are presented. The calculations are based on the CARDINAL and SWAN software and four nested numerical models (for the Baltic Sea, the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland, the Koporye Bay, and a part of the bay in the area of LNPP). The decrease in sea-surface drag coefficient at hurricane winds is taken into account.

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