Development of Information-computational Infrastructure for Modern Climatology

E. P. Gordov, I. G. Okladnikov, A. G. Titov, N. N. Voropay,
A. A. Ryazanova, and V. N. Lykosov

The activities on the creation of information-computational infrastructure to support the climatic research initiated by academician V.P. Dymnikov are described. In particular, the solutions to the problem of working with big climatic and meteorological datasets are analyzed. The structure and functionality are presetned of the thematic web-GIS “Climate” whose software-hardware prototype operates at the Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. The system supports the interactive analysis of big climatic and meteorological datasets and the visualization of its results. The results of the analysis of aridity in South Siberia in the late 20th–early 21st centuries carried out using the web-GIS “Climate” prototype are presented.

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