Dear authors,

Please note that Russian Meteorology and Hydrology journal is not an original journal but is a translated English version of Meteorologiya i Gidrologiya scientific and technical journal which is published in Russian.

According to the current technical requirements of the journal, only the manuscripts of the papers written in Russian and designed following the “Technical Requirements to the Manuscript of the Paper”, presented at can be considered.

In view of the fact that the publication of the original Russian version of the journal is accompanied by the publication of its English version called Russian Meteorology and Hydrology, the authors may also present the translation of the text into English along with the Russian version of the paper. Both texts of the paper (in Russian and English) must have identical semantic content.

The papers not fitting the “Technical Requirements to the Manuscript of the Paper” are rejected.

Best regards,

Editorial board of Meteorologiya i Gidrologiya journal

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