Tamara V. Leshkevich


Tamara Leshkevich, the head of the Publishing Division of the State Research Center for Space Hydrometeorology Planeta, passed away on August 19, 2016.

Tamara Leshkevich was born in Moscow on January 3, 1947. She graduated from the Faculty of Geography of Lomonosov Moscow State University majoring in Meteorology and Climatology. All her life she was entirely devoted to the Hydrometeorological Service, being a well-known specialist in aviation meteorology and the author of over 20 publications.

Tamara Leshkevich has spent more than 25 years of her life working at the Russian Meteorology and Hydrology journal: she headed the editorial team and was the executive secretary of the editorial board. Being a scientific editor, a gifted organizer and popularizer of the achievements of Russian hydrometeorological science, she was highly recognized in the professional community, both in Russia and abroad. Her outstanding skills have got her the deepest respect of the colleagues. Tamara Leshkevich was known for her friendly and tolerant attitude towards others, always taking into account their background, personal circumstances and skill set. Tamara Leshkevich put her passion and competence into everything she did. She had managed to unite many eminent scientists around the editorial team and to make the Russian Meteorology and Hydrology one of the best science/technical journals of our country, which fully translated English version has been published in the USA for many years.

Everyone who knew Tamara Leshkevich will miss her for her honesty, adherence to principles, sincerity, and sympathy. Our hearts are full of profound grief of parting from this outstanding person.


Publishing Council of Roshydromet

Editorial board and editorial team of Russian Meteorology

Planeta Research Center for Space Hydrometeorology

Hydrometcenter of Russia


The condolences were conveyed by the Presidential Advisor and Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Climate A. I. Bedritsky, the Head of Roshydromet A. V. Frolov, the directors of Roshydromet scientific and educational institutions, etc.

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